New Florida Eviction Process Makes Evicting Simpler Than Ever

Florida’s new eviction process impacts landlords and tenants alike. Important revisions to the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act put into effect last July 1 allow for a simplified and quicker resolution. Now when a tenant arrives with a surprise canine, landlords may evict after supplying a 7-day notice. Previously landlords needed to supply two 7-day notices following […]

Subsidies Which Cause Tenants to Get Turned Down (and What About Obamacare Subsidies?)

I’ve just read where there is a bit of a reaction in the U.K. to a large landlord deciding to evict (and no longer rent new leases) to anyone on government assistance. Because this is legal, non-profits fear the country may develop black zones where the lower income simply can’t live because other landlords may […]